Aftermarket car wheels come in thousands of options to pick from. This makes it somewhat difficult to effectively determine the best you should ultimately settle for. Well then, here is a trending car wheels of 2017 review, which can point you in the right direction.  If you are trying to find Wheels Online, shipped across Australia, check out Ozzy Tyres.

1. ADV1 05C Track Spec Wheels – $2,997

These are without doubt some of the very best high-end varieties of car wheels. They integrate a 3-piece lightweight construction, and there is a variety of customized color options to choose from. These wheels can be especially ideal if you wish to give your car a highly distinctive appearance.

2. HRE Vintage 505M Wheels – $1,900

This brand is widely regarded as the crème de la crème in this given industry. It offers top quality stylish products that are very durable too. The Vintage series was launched to specifically target 80’s and 90’s supercars. These wheels are noted for period- correctness,’ but also come in more contemporary size options.

3. O.Z. Ultraleggera HLT Wheels – $469

This review would definitely be incomplete if it didn’t touch on the O.Z. Ultralegger wheels. The O.Z brand focuses on offering ultra lightweight car wheel products. The Ultraleggera HLT are made available in 19” and 20” diameters. The last option weighs just above 20 lbs apiece.

4. SSR GTV01 Flat Black Wheels – $403

The SSR GTV01 Flat Black Wheels are some of the finest durable mid-tier car wheels you could ever settle for. They are made available in varying bolt patterns and size options, from which you can pick the best for your needs and preferences.

5. Rotiform Cast CCV Wheels – $234

These are bold and very distinctive car wheels that can make your car to effortlessly stand out from the rest of the pack. You get to select from a variety of color and fitment options.

6. Vioxx MGA Matte Black Car Wheels – $158

The Vioxx MGA Matte Black Car Wheels round off this trending car wheels of 2017 review. They are a pocket-friendly option if you are in the prowl for good basic wheels. Granted, they are certainly not the strongest or lightest in out there, but they are much better than most factory wheels

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