Increasingly people are researching the business or individual they will be dealing with online. Since google is the most popular search engine in most countries,most people are using google for doing online research. If there is any negative content about a business or individual, it can adversely affect the reputation and income of the business or person. Hence many people who find negative content about themselves online , would like to find out how to remove negative content from google without spending much time and money. Most people post negative content only if they are cheated, angry or are paid to do so.

Google is not involved in creating content itself, it is only an aggregator, collecting and listing information from other sources and websites. It is first important to identify the website having negative content. In some cases, the website may be a review website, which is collecting the reviews and feedback from multiple sources. If the negative content can be legally proved, then the person or business about whom the negative feedback is posted can only request the website owner to remove the negative content, informing the person that it is causing great damage to the reputation.

Depending on the editorial policy of the website, the webmaster may or may not remove the negative content from the website. If the negative content is fake, most webmasters will remove it on request. If the negative content is not removed by requesting the webmaster, the business or person can create enough positive or promotional content, so that the negative content is difficult to find. Most google users are only checking the first few pages of the google results and if the negative content does not rank well, it will not be found. Purchasing the website where negative content is posted is another option. However the best way to remove the negative content is by being honest in all transactions, and not cheating, hurting or exploiting anyone.

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