As global oil industry grows the global and local producers invent different types of diesel fuel tanks. The huge amount of construction and agricultural machines have been purchased by the companies for the last 20 years. Currently the business requires much fuel to be able to operate on market.
What ever they do, but it is necessary to store the diesel fuel in various types of diesel fuel tanks depending on business direction. Certain fuel tanks are quite rare in Australia, such as self bundled fuel tanks.

First of all the types of diesel fuel tanks can be classified by their destination. For storage of diesel the special fuel containers are used, which can be ground or underground installation. The cost of a tank for fuels and lubricants underground installation is more expensive, because the cost of production depends on the cost of the metal, and the barrels of fuels and lubricants with installation underground has a large mass due to a more rigid structure capable of withstanding the pressure of the soil.
Universal diesel fuel tanks are a less expensive variant of a fuel storage facility and a practical way out in case gas stations are supposed to work with various types of petroleum products (diesel, gasoline, oil, fuel) and there is no possibility to purchase a separate tank for each type of fuel. The use of a sectional tank with several autonomous compartments can serve as a good compromise solution – such sections can be used as storages for diesel fuel, as well as storage of gasoline of various brands at the same time. The versatility of the design simplifies working with different types of fuel, and reliable hermetic walls of each section of the tank ensure safety during the disel fuel storage.

Depending on the specifics and needs of the business diesel fuel tanks may be made of plastic or steel. The volume of different types of diesel fuel tanks may be from 20 liters (canister) to hundreds of cubic meters (underground storage tanks at filling stations).

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