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How to Change a Car Tyre

There is a good chance everyone will experience a puncture at some time in their driving lives. But it’s amazing how many people still don’t know how to replace a car tyre and rely on the help of a passer-by.  If you are in a hurry, give the guys at Ozzy Tyres a call.  They know everything when it comes to Tyres in Australia.

There is one place you should not attempt to change a tyre yourself- on the hard shoulder of a busy road. In this instance call the emergency services and retreat to the safe distance until they arrive.

In all other situations changing a car, the tyre is not as difficult as it may seem. This article is a guide to how it is done:

1) Find a protected place to stop, on level ground. On the off chance that it’s dull search for some place with satisfactory lighting. Stop as far from the movement as could reasonably be expected and put your peril lights on.

2) Turn the motor off, pull the handbrake on and put the auto into first rigging or “stop” if it’s a program.

3) Find the devices for the employment. These will incorporate a jack, wheel torque, and the extra time. All are normally situated in the boot of an auto.

4) Remove the center point top or plastic wheel cover utilizing the level end of the wheel torque or a screw driver.

5) Loosen the wheel nuts by turning a large portion of a hand over an against the clockwise bearing. Try not to expel them. That occurs at a later stage.

Tight wheel nuts can be the hardest piece of changing an auto tyre. On the off chance that the wheel nuts are demonstrating unyielding utilize a metal tube to expand the wheel torque’s handle and give additional use. Then again, put one foot on the handle of the wheel torque and deliberately utilize your body weight until the point when the nut is released.

Numerous autos have a locking wheel nut to anticipate robbery. This requires an uncommon connection which is regularly found in an auto’s glove compartment.

6) Consult the vehicle’s handbook to discover where to put the jack. This is critical on the grounds that if it’s placed in the wrong place the auto could slip off the jack and cause genuine damage.

Search for a strengthened lip on the underside of the vehicle near the wheel curve.

At the point when the jack is safely connected raise the auto until there is sufficient space to expel the punctured tyre and supplant it with the completely expanded extra.

7) Now keep on removing the majority of the wheel nuts and place them some place safe adjacent not close to an open deplete! Expel the punctured auto tyre and supplant with the extra tyre.

8) Replace and fix the wheel nuts. Try not to make a decent attempt to fix them until the point when the auto is off the jack.

9) Slowly drop the auto down off the jack. Presently fix the nuts once more. Make sure to restore the jack and the wheel torque to the boot of the auto.

10) Replace the hubcap or plastic wheel cover and proceed with your trip.

At the main open door stop at an oil station and check the new tyre is swelled to the right weight, the same as the other auto tyres.

On the off chance that in any uncertainty about your tyre evolving capacity, call into to your closest carport or visit an auto tyre master.

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