Many gardeners find that their garden has a large number of weeds which make it difficult for their flower, vegetable plants to grow well. Chemical weed killers are expensive and can cause long term damage to the soil. Hence many gardeners, especially those with a limited budget would like to find out what are natural weed killers. They would also want to find out how to use them, and how effective these weed killers are in destroying the weeds. Removing the weeds manually, pulling out each weed, is the most effective and cheapest way of removing the weed. However, this method of weed removal is extremely time consuming. Be careful when using herbicide for herb gardens.

Hence many gardeners are looking for a chemical or other way which will prevent the growth of weeds. One of the most popular natural method for killing weeds involves using a combination of vinegar, borax or salt and dish soap. This combination should be mixed completely to form a solution. Then this should be applied to the place where the weed is growing. If an area is completely covered with weeds, a sprayer should be used, so that a larger number of plants are covered. The acid in the vinegar will act on the plant, to burn it, and salt will help it shrivel. The soap helps ensure that the mixture adheres to the plant.

However while using this vinegar mixture, it is important to ensure that only the weeds are being targeted. The mixture should not fall on any herb, flower or vegetable plant, since it will have exactly the same effect on these plants, as it has on weeds. Another option is to cover the area with old used newspapers.This method is less risky, since the flowering and other useful plants are less likely to get damaged. The newspaper will cover the entire area, ensure that the seeds do not germinate and grow. This method is very popular among gardeners since the newspapers will naturally decay after some time.

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